Holiday in Slovenia

Slovenia is small country with beautiful landscapes and mountains. It has an access to the Adriatic Sea.



The Piran is a small town in which I stayed, located near the sea. There are located many hotels and health resorts.


I booked a room at the Fiesa 3 star hotel, it has very nice location 10 meters from the sea and it is surrounded by cliffs. In the first day I went to the town center, it took’s me 10 minutes to get there, I was going on concrete beach and on the left side was really huge cliffs it was very impressive.


On my way to the town center I visited a bell tower which was situated on the cliff, entrance cost me 2 euros.


When I got the top of it I saw a beautiful panoramic view which encompassed the whole town and the nearby area. I’ve made few photos and videos and went down to continue my way.


I went down through the narrow streets to the beacon which was located on the promenade, and I decided to visit one of the many restaurants, my lunch cost me 20 euros, I walked out and made few videos on the promenad.


On the quay stood many boats and yachts.


Finally I got to the town center, there were many tourists on the square and there was a monument of a musician. I took a quick look at the nearby area and went on.


I walked on the waterfront just enjoying the views and breathing fresh air. At sunset I made video shoot and went to the supermarket to buy some products and went back to the hotel. It was the end of my first day in Piran.



Large agricultural field with oilseed plants

Large agricultural field with oilseed on the way to Slovenia.

My departure point is Cracow, and my way lies through several countries such as Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Destination point is little town which named Piran located on the south-west of Slovenia.