P1040809It was my spontaneous decision to visit Prague. So I took minimal reserve of things and the next day I was in Prague. By the way I travelled by car. When I got to the place, I stayed in the Iris Hotel which was built-in the football stadium and I was lucky to have a room with view on the football stadium. The location of the hotel is really convenient, the McDonald’s is 30 meters from the hotel it is also built-in the football stadium, the shopping mall is 120 meters from the hotel and 5 minutes by foot to a tram station.

The next day I decided to take a walk around the city. The first place that I visited was the Saint Ludmilla Church. It was nice gothic church.


I took a few photos and went down the street. While I was walking to another place I  also took photos. After 20 minutes of walking I got to the Vltava River and there were a lot of interesting things such as Dancing House, it looks unusual. Dancing House, PragueThen I went further along the seafront to the National Theatre and I found statues of 2 horses nearby, they looked like real ones.P1040933

The next interesting point was Saint Charles Bridge, there was a monument of Saint Charles on the right side from the entrance to the bridge. I took a photo of the bridge tower and passed through it right on the bridge. There were many tourists on that bridge as well as the souvenirs merchants and painters. Passing on I saw many human sculptures on the edges of the bridge.

I crossed the bridge and went to the Prague Castle which was located on a hill. I climbed up on the big stairs which lead me right to the castle. I took a few photos and went further.

Walking through the narrow streets I decided to have a rest, so I went up higher on the stairs and saw a park on the other side of the road and sat down on the bench and had a rest. I continued my way to the observatory which was located in the Petrin park. It is quite big park with special landings for roses and other flowers which I visited.

I got to the observatory, took few photos and that was my finish point.


I went back to the hotel.

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