Winter holidays in Moscow

The trip to Moscow is one of my favourite because it gave me positive emotions and I had really good time there. And now I’m going to tell about it more detailed.

This time I travelled with my friend and he helped me a lot during the travel. My way to Moscow lied through Ukraine so from Poland I got to Kharkov, there I met with my friend and from there we took a bus to Belgorod. When we arrived to Belgorod in the night we bought tickets to Moscow, while we were waiting for our train we went to the supermarket to buy some food and walked around the city.

When our train arrived we got into the train and the next day we were in Moscow.
We came out from the train, looked around, took few photos and visited a supermarket to compare the prices with european stores and to buy some food. We were impressed by variety of products that were on the shelves of the supermarket.


We came out of the supermarket and went to the subway station. Our first point was the Red Square, we took a train to the Revolution Square station. We came out to the street and saw a nice pink church (The Temple of the Lord of the Epiphany) we took a photos on the back ground of the church and went on to the Nicolskaya street.


There were many shops and not much people. We went to the end of the street we came to the Red Square, it looked really impressive, on the right side from us were a nice church and the National Historical Museum, in front were a big wall from the red brick and a tower. On the left side were the National shopping mall and a big new year’s fair.

What we wanted to see the most was The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed so we went straight to it. We took few photos outside of it and bought 2 tickets and got inside.


There was a relics of Vasily the Blessed near the entrance, there were nicely decorated ceilings with lots of pictures and icons, also many rooms, the walls with beautiful paintings and a showcase with the royal apparel. There were many old books and icons. We really liked this cathedral.

We went out of the cathedral and visited the National shopping mall, walked and just looked around, it was nice decorated inside. There were many shops and restaurants.


It was time to search for the hostel so we moved out to the hostel and on our we took few photos with the big statue of Vladimir The Great.

We booked a room in the hostel and stayed there for a night.

On the next day we went to the Peace Alley, there was big spire and Central Museum of the World War 2.

We took photos and moved on to the subway station. We wanted to get into Lenin’s Mausoleum, so we hurried. It’s working hours from 10:00 to 13:00.


We were lucky to get in time, there was a long queue because of security check, but anyway we got inside and saw a Lenin under the glass in the dark room with 4 guards in the corners. Lenin looked little and in a good condition despite the fact that so many years have passed since his death. Unfortunately photography is forbidden inside the mausoleum. We came out of the mausoleum and the next our point was Moscow City, the little area with skyscrapers, we wanted to get there till the dark, so we immediately moved on.

After 40 minutes we were in the Moscow city, the skyscrapers looked amazing, so we started to taking a photos, after a few minutes to us came a man who invited us inside one of the skyscrapers for 600 rubles per person. We came into the skyscraper and we got to the top on the elevator. There opened to us a nice view so we spent some time there and took a photos. When it got dark we got down and went to the Red Square to visit a New Year’s fair.

We tasted nice food there, had a good time and walked around taking photos.

It’s time to go back to Poland, we went back to the hostel, took our thing and went to the train station, we separated with my friend he went to one train station and went to another because we had different directions, I went back to Poland and he went back to Crimea. I was pleased with our trip.