Hungary was my second country which I visited in Europe. I chosen Budapest because it is not so far from Poland and it is cheap to travel there. I stayed in a 4 stars Hotel City Inn, it has convenient location, there are Corvin Plaza, many restaurants, bike rent and a tram station nearby. I left my things in the hotel and went to walk through the city to find something interesting. The first thing I liked was The Saint Istvan Basilica, I took a photo and continued my way through the Liberty Square.


The second thing that I liked was Hungarian Parliament building it looked authentic and unique.


Then I visited Fisherman’s Bastion which was located on the hill on the other side of the Danube river. there was a statue of Saint Istvan and the Saint Matthias Church with a big tower. There opened a beautiful view from that Bastion to the other side of the city and to the Parliament building.

I took few photos and continued my way to the statue of the Independence of War

The Independence of War statue

and from there I moved on to the Shandor Palace, it was guarded by 2 guards, people were taking photos with them. Also the were some ruins nearby.


I continued to walk to the King’s Palace and took a few photos of it. After my long walk I went back to the hotel.

The next day I visited Gallert Hill and the Citadel. There was a Liberty statue near the citadel, and from there was very nice view on the city.

Then I went down to The Gallert Hill Cave and took a few photos nearby.

Gallert hill cave

On the other day I just went shopping. In general I liked the city, it has an old architecture, good infrastructure and many shopping malls.
I got positive emotions from that city so I hope I will visit it again.