Two days in Vienna

Me and my friend departured from Poland to Vienna by bus. We arrived there at 6:00 am. During these two days we visited the Hedenplatz.


Walked along the promenade of the Danube River, visited the Maria Theresien Platz which was located between 2 museums and there was a fair and crowdy. There were many souvenir shops and hand-made products which were selling there and were quite expensive but anyway we bought a few.

Vienna, Austria

We walked on the territory of the Schloss Schonbrun Palace, we liked this place because it was quiet and calm.


Another two places which we saw were Votive Church and The Burgtheatre, but unfortunately the a part of the front of a church was under reconstruction so we couldn’t see it.

We also took a few photos with the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral.


It was interesting city to visit, so we liked it. In the evening we bought tickets to a bus and went back to Poland.



Hungary was my second country which I visited in Europe. I chosen Budapest because it is not so far from Poland and it is cheap to travel there. I stayed in a 4 stars Hotel City Inn, it has convenient location, there are Corvin Plaza, many restaurants, bike rent and a tram station nearby. I left my things in the hotel and went to walk through the city to find something interesting. The first thing I liked was The Saint Istvan Basilica, I took a photo and continued my way through the Liberty Square.


The second thing that I liked was Hungarian Parliament building it looked authentic and unique.


Then I visited Fisherman’s Bastion which was located on the hill on the other side of the Danube river. there was a statue of Saint Istvan and the Saint Matthias Church with a big tower. There opened a beautiful view from that Bastion to the other side of the city and to the Parliament building.

I took few photos and continued my way to the statue of the Independence of War

The Independence of War statue

and from there I moved on to the Shandor Palace, it was guarded by 2 guards, people were taking photos with them. Also the were some ruins nearby.


I continued to walk to the King’s Palace and took a few photos of it. After my long walk I went back to the hotel.

The next day I visited Gallert Hill and the Citadel. There was a Liberty statue near the citadel, and from there was very nice view on the city.

Then I went down to The Gallert Hill Cave and took a few photos nearby.

Gallert hill cave

On the other day I just went shopping. In general I liked the city, it has an old architecture, good infrastructure and many shopping malls.
I got positive emotions from that city so I hope I will visit it again.


P1040809It was my spontaneous decision to visit Prague. So I took minimal reserve of things and the next day I was in Prague. By the way I travelled by car. When I got to the place, I stayed in the Iris Hotel which was built-in the football stadium and I was lucky to have a room with view on the football stadium. The location of the hotel is really convenient, the McDonald’s is 30 meters from the hotel it is also built-in the football stadium, the shopping mall is 120 meters from the hotel and 5 minutes by foot to a tram station.

The next day I decided to take a walk around the city. The first place that I visited was the Saint Ludmilla Church. It was nice gothic church.


I took a few photos and went down the street. While I was walking to another place I  also took photos. After 20 minutes of walking I got to the Vltava River and there were a lot of interesting things such as Dancing House, it looks unusual. Dancing House, PragueThen I went further along the seafront to the National Theatre and I found statues of 2 horses nearby, they looked like real ones.P1040933

The next interesting point was Saint Charles Bridge, there was a monument of Saint Charles on the right side from the entrance to the bridge. I took a photo of the bridge tower and passed through it right on the bridge. There were many tourists on that bridge as well as the souvenirs merchants and painters. Passing on I saw many human sculptures on the edges of the bridge.

I crossed the bridge and went to the Prague Castle which was located on a hill. I climbed up on the big stairs which lead me right to the castle. I took a few photos and went further.

Walking through the narrow streets I decided to have a rest, so I went up higher on the stairs and saw a park on the other side of the road and sat down on the bench and had a rest. I continued my way to the observatory which was located in the Petrin park. It is quite big park with special landings for roses and other flowers which I visited.

I got to the observatory, took few photos and that was my finish point.


I went back to the hotel.

Link to a video about: Prague

Holiday in Slovenia

Slovenia is small country with beautiful landscapes and mountains. It has an access to the Adriatic Sea.



The Piran is a small town in which I stayed, located near the sea. There are located many hotels and health resorts.


I booked a room at the Fiesa 3 star hotel, it has very nice location 10 meters from the sea and it is surrounded by cliffs. In the first day I went to the town center, it took’s me 10 minutes to get there, I was going on concrete beach and on the left side was really huge cliffs it was very impressive.


On my way to the town center I visited a bell tower which was situated on the cliff, entrance cost me 2 euros.


When I got the top of it I saw a beautiful panoramic view which encompassed the whole town and the nearby area. I’ve made few photos and videos and went down to continue my way.


I went down through the narrow streets to the beacon which was located on the promenade, and I decided to visit one of the many restaurants, my lunch cost me 20 euros, I walked out and made few videos on the promenad.


On the quay stood many boats and yachts.


Finally I got to the town center, there were many tourists on the square and there was a monument of a musician. I took a quick look at the nearby area and went on.


I walked on the waterfront just enjoying the views and breathing fresh air. At sunset I made video shoot and went to the supermarket to buy some products and went back to the hotel. It was the end of my first day in Piran.


Large agricultural field with oilseed plants

Large agricultural field with oilseed on the way to Slovenia.

My departure point is Cracow, and my way lies through several countries such as Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Destination point is little town which named Piran located on the south-west of Slovenia.